So I mentioned that I’m in progress on some socks. Which on a side note confuses me because I prefer to go barefoot at every opportunity. My coworkers have grown to accept this.

I purchased some Addi 8″ circulars in 2mm & 2.25mm. The only time I need DPNs is when I’m casting on. Makes the socks go so much smoother without all that bothersome laddering crap going on. Although the whole “working with five needles” tend to scare people enough to leave me alone if they see me at the doctor or dentist.

I’m rambling aren’t I?

Here’s the meat and taters!

The yarn used is Premiere Wool-Free sock in the Oceanic colorway. Just one skein. Enough to make a pair of 5″ tall socks with a little bit left over. My feet are a little over 7″ long so if your feet mimic Godzilla the one skein thing may not work for you. The pattern is Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Those of you who haven’t used this pattern before, which by the way I will judge you harshly, is a plain vanilla sock which the main focus is of course the heel. You can combine the FLK heel with other patterns but I have yet to try that yet. That will be happening soon but not when I’m using variegated/striped yarn like I have been doing. The 2.25 mm are for the body of the sock while the 2mm are for the ribbing.

I’ll be getting this one done today. Depending on whether I take a nap today will I cast on for the second. I can take a nap on my day off. Don’t judge me.